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Frill Beauty Tools

Bamboo tint brush

Bamboo tint brush

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Two hair color tint brushes made from sustainable bamboo

  • These tint brushes are not just cute—they are also incredibly functional. Frill Bamboo tint brushes have a comfortable grip and a pointy tip perfect for sectioning. 
  • Thick and durable, ready to withstand everything your salon dishes.
  • Tapered nylon bristles for precision color placement. Great for tinting or foiling 
  • This is a natural product, and staining is to be expected (and celebrated). Not recommended to use with vivid colors.



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Care Instructions

Rinse and dry bowls immediately after use. Periodicallly rub coconut oil into bowls to condition the bamboo. Not recommended for use with vivid color.

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Well Loved

Staining is natural and should be celebrated, just like the tools of an an artist who paints on canvases.

  • Make a world of difference.

    Color mixing bowls made from sustainable bamboo. Help reduce our industry's reliance on plastic—and be proud of the bowl you are carrying through the salon.