Goodbye, Plastic. Hello, Fantastic!

Color mixing bowls for sustainability minded hair artists, like you. Made from bamboo, a fast growing plant that has a lower carbon footprint than plastic or wood and is 100% biodegradable. 

  • Durable

    Frill bamboo color mixing bowls have a handle, making them comfortable and easy to carry. They are also thick and durable. These bowls can withstand everything your salon dishes out.

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  • Functional

    Feeling tipsy? These bowls don't rock or wobble when you gett more color. Finally, a bowl that stays put! Each color bowl includes a matching lightweight brush that is easy to hold and features tapered nylon bristles for precision product placement

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  • Natural

    Our color bowls are made from natural and sustainable bamboo, and staining after use is to be expected. Make your mark and stain it! Now everyone in the salon will know whose bowl is whose. We all have our favorite. Our most popular combination is one color bowl for lightener and another for color.

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  • Unique

    You deserve more than a generic plastic mixing bowl! Represent yourself with sustainability, durability, functionality, and Frill! Get your bamboo color mixing bowl today and upgrade your salon.

    Show your clientele a new look with Frill sustainable bamboo color bowls and brushes.

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Well Loved

Make your mark and stain it! Staining is natural and should be celebrated, just like the tools of an artist who paints on canvases. Show us your mark by tagging us @frillhair to display your unique bowls and their stains.